Welcome to Arkport

The Arkport Central School District receives many requests from community organizations to distribute information and materials to our students and their families. While it is important to connect families with the local community, the district has recognized the need to streamline this process. To that end, ACSD is implementing a new policy with the goal of efficiently distributing materials from outside organizations.

Effective this school year, materials from outside groups are distributed on the first and third Friday of each month. If there is no school on those days, materials are distributed the next school day.

As always, for materials to be distributed by the district, the responsible group or organization must be classified as a nonprofit and must align with the ACSD board of education non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy (#3240). In addition, the organization must align with Journey of a Learner, which outlines expectations for teaching and learning and is characterized by six attributes: resilience, courage, respect, critical thinking, responsibility and communication. These attributes are present in every aspect of learning at the Arkport Central School District.

To learn more about this policy, including the schedule for distribution, click here.