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On Aug, 20 2020,Arkport school community members were invited to ask questions relating to the district's COVID-19 prevention procedures and strategies via Thoughtexchange. Below are the questions and answers we received. 

Will the district clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the day? 
Yes. The district will clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the day and at the end of each school day. Additional cleaning and disinfecting may occur depending on the current COVID-19 risk level. A higher risk level would warrant more frequent and more thorough cleaning and disinfecting. 

Will the district test symptomatic students and staff for COVID-19? 
Yes. Symptomatic students and can be tested in school with a rapid test. The district will need parent/guardian written permission prior to testing a student. 

Will vaccinated staff and students need to quarantine after a potential exposure? 
Vaccinated faculty, staff, and students will not need to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure. 
Individuals who have been exposed will need to quarantine unless they have received the COVID-19 vaccine or have been positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days. 

Does the district expect teachers to recall all three of the quarantine factors (distance, duration of exposure and mask wearing)? 
Yes. All three measures will need to be tracked. 

Will the district force vaccination?
The district has no plans on requiring vaccinations. However, the Governor of New York has announced her plan to require all school employees to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 weekly. 

Will barriers be used in the cafeteria? 
No. Barriers will not be used in the cafeteria? 

Will outdoor classroom spaces be used? 
Yes. Outdoor classroom spaces will be used, depending on weather. 

Will students be permitted to use locker rooms?