A crowd of students sit during an assembly

Students in grades PK-6 recently participated in a character-building assembly by Jared Campbell, a singer/songwriter who spreads inspirational messages through song. 

According to his website, Jared Campbell reaches his audience through the power of music with songs he's written about some of the most crucial elements to living out your life with purpose. His message focuses on overcoming obstacles, anti-bullying, respect, leadership and having an amazing outlook on life.

Jared performed two separate assemblies: one for students in grades PK-2 and one for students in grades 3-6. 

The PK-2 assembly centered on songs and discussions about lifting each other up through positive interactions, being confident and committing to kindness. Together, the group sang songs about about respect, responsibility and treating others with compassion. 

“You are valuable; you are priceless,” he said. “There is only one of you and you can never be replaced.”

The 3-6 assembly was similar to the PK-2 assembly, but also discussed challenges and concerns that older students may face in and out of school, such as bullying, confidence and motivation. 

“Lifting one another up through positive interactions will help shape students into an even stronger school family,” he said.