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In the beginning of March, the district welcomed students in grades 7-8 back to the building for daily in-person instruction. (Learn more here) 

We are happy to report that this transition has been successful, thanks in part to our health and safety protocols and the restructuring of some of our larger classrooms. The district will move to the next phase of its return to daily in-person instruction for all students: welcoming students in grades 9.  

Beginning Tuesday, March 16, students in grades 9 will join grades 7-8 in the building for daily in-person instruction.  

We will continue to keep our health and safety protocols in place to ensure that students and their families feel comfortable.  

However, it is important that all staff and students continue to follow the COVID-19 preventative measures that have been in place throughout the pandemic. By continuing to diligently follow these protocols, we will help prevent COVID cases and the need to quarantine. 

Please remember that the district is following all guidelines from state and local health authorities, which includes mask-wearing and placing student desks at an appropriate social distance whenever possible.  

Following a successful transition of students in grades 9, the district hopes to welcome students in grades 10 to daily in-person instruction beginning March 29.  

It is our goal to make sure that our return to daily in-person instruction is gradual, thoughtful and safe.  Please know that additional information will follow as we reflect on the success of our return of students in grades 7-10.   

If we believe that we can safely have grades 7-12 in the building on a daily basis, we will communicate our plans for the return of students in grades 11-12 at a later date.   

We appreciate the support and serious approach that students and families have taken this school year, and encourage staff/faculty, parents/guardians and students to reach out to their building principal with questions or concerns.