All budget propositions pass

Voters approve $11.9 million budget, elect one board member

On June 16, Arkport Central School District residents approved the district’s $11.9 million budget proposal and elected one board of education member.

Voters approved:

  • An $11,876,296 budget for the 2020-21 school year that increases spending by 2.3% ($249,769) from the current year and carries a 2.39% tax levy increase: 394 yes; 118 no;
  • Authorization to purchase two six-passenger vehicles Caravan at a combined cost not to exceed $100,000: 390 yes; 116 no;
  • Authorization to enter into a five-year lease for two 66-passenger school buses at a cost not to exceed $260,000: 324 yes; 174 no;
  • The reelection of Michelle Chamberlin to the Arkport Board of Education: 392 votes;
  • Authorization for the Arkport Reading Center to raise $35,783, separate and apart from the annual school district budget, to support and maintain such library: 370 yes; 138 no; and
  • The election of the following members to the Library Board of Trustee of the proposed Arkport School District Public Library: Patty Amidon, Joanne Bisson, Carol Burns, Terry Pullman, Marg Wagner: 379 yes; 88 no

The budget includes a capital outlay of $100,000 for the installation of card scanners for interior doors. State aid will reimburse 80% of the project next year, and the district will continue to utilize the New York state $35,000 security program to expand and upgrade district cameras.

“We want to thank all those who took time to vote by absentee ballot this year,” said Superintendent of Schools Jesse Harper. “The results are a reminder of how supportive the community is of the school district. It’s gratifying to move forward with a fiscal plan that ensures our students get the best education possible.”