Free breakfast and lunch

Arkport CSD is excited to announce that starting Wednesday, November 1, the district will be able to provide free breakfast and lunch for ALL students. The expansion of the federal CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) program made hundreds of new schools in New York able to offer free meals for all students. Below are a few facts regarding Arkport's free meal program. Feel free to contact Mrs. Cathy Shutt ( or 607-295-7471 x1143) with any questions you have. 

What to know about Arkport's free meal program:

  • There are no paperwork or online forms required to fill out for students to receive a free breakfast or lunch. 

    • As of November 1, the only action students need to take to receive a free meal is to join the cafeteria line at breakfast or lunch.

  • The free meal program covers the first breakfast or lunch for a student

    • Students may buy a second meal with cash or money that’s already in their account. 

  • The free meal program does not cover snacks available for purchase during lunch.

  • Families are responsible to pay outstanding balances from the months of September and October.

  • If your student has money that’s already in their account, families have three options: 

    • Students may buy additional meals throughout the school year

    • Students may buy snacks available in the cafeteria

    • Parents/Guardians may request a refund