Logistics, Transportation and Movement within Schools

Social Distancing

How many children will be allowed in a classroom?
The number of children allowed in a class will be determined by how many students can socially distance while at their seats by 6 feet. For most classrooms, this will be between 10 –12 students.
How can we keep children apart?
Classroom and building wide procedures will be reviewed often to help maintain social distancing. When classroom activities require closer work between students, or teachers and students, masks or barriers will be utilized.
With schools at full capacity, how will students and staff be able to social distance?
The district’s reopening plan maintains a 50% reduction in students present daily. This 50% reduction is based on the school's maximum capacity of approximately 700 students.
Has the district considered using open outdoor spaces for lessons to maximize the number of kids who can be taught at school daily and keeping social distancing rules?
6 outdoor teaching areas are being placed around the school for daily use. 4 out of the 6 teaching areas will be covered with tents.
How will students socially distance on buses?
Bus capacity will be reduced to 50% or approximately 30-35 students. Students will be assigned to seats individually, except for family members or students in the same cohort. Students are required to wear masks at all times while riding the bus.

Arrival and Dismissal

Will every student have their temperature taken at arrival?
Yes, every student will have their temperature taken and be asked screening questions daily. Bus riders will be screened prior to entering the bus, and all other students will be screened prior to entering the building.
How will schools handle drop-off/pick-up?
The most significant change to drop-off/pick-up will be the fact that parents and guardians will not be allowed to enter the building. Student drop-off before school will still occur at the PAC. Parents or guardians will be allowed to stay with their child until they reach the second set of double doors
Will the district make more parking spaces for high school students so that they can drive to and from school?
No, parking will be limited to the lower lot on Oak Hill. Parking will be prioritized by grade level.