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Important end-of-year announcements

  • The PowerSchool portal will be open for students and parents on Friday, June 28, to allow students to check their final grades. Report cards for grades 7-12 will also be mailed June 28. 

  • Students who did not pass a Regents exam are automatically signed up to re-take the exam in August at Hornell High School. Any other student who is interested in re-taking a Regents exam in August should call or email Miss Sarah Eggleston by 8 a.m. on Wednesday, July 3. If you re-take a Regents exam and score higher, your overall average for the course will be re-calculated. GST BOCES will mail a schedule with the date and time for Regents review classes and exams to anyone signed up to re-take a Regents exam.

  • For students in grades 9-12, the summer school model has changed from previous years. This year, students who need to re-take a class for credit recovery will attend the class for three hours per day for nine consecutive days. Attendance for all nine days is mandatory, and all classes will be located at the Hornell High School. Students who did not earn credit during the school year have been automatically signed up for summer school, and a schedule with the dates and times of the course(s) will be mailed home next week by GST BOCES.