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Third grade class learns to give back


The third grade Social Studies curriculum is centered around learning about different communities. Miss Ingalls' class recently completed a unit on children’s rights and learned that some communities struggle to provide the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. for the children living there. One of the components of the curriculum is to have students participate in taking informed action. Miss Ingalls and her students have brainstormed ways to help children in the type of communities they learned about. The class decided upon a one week bottle/can drive to raise money to donate to the Heifer Project.  As of Friday, April 5th, the kids have collected $47.00 worth of bottles and cans, and have received two generous donations, making a grand total of $87.00!  Miss Ingalls' class is planning for their donation to the Heifer Project to go toward buying  flocks of chicks for families. To learn more about the Heifer Project, follow this link: