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How to talk to kids about scary events

Feb. 15, 2018 -- We were deeply saddened to learn of yesterday’s tragic shooting at a Florida high school and offer our heartfelt condolences to the families impacted by this horrific incident.

As educators and as parents, we struggle to make sense of such catastrophic events for ourselves and also find the words to help children feel safe and resilient in a world that sometimes feels unpredictable and scary.

Please know we take school safety and security very seriously here at Arkport Central School. We are vigilant and proactive when it comes to our children's safety and have clear plans and procedures in place for when emergency situations arise.

School support and administrative staff are ready to respond to children's concerns and needs as necessary and appropriate. I am also sharing a link to an excellent article from Parent Today, “When the news gets scary,” as well as tips from the National Association of School Psychologists on how to talk to children about violent events: Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers.

Please join me in keeping the families of Parkland, Florida, in your thoughts. And hug your children close.


Jesse Harper,

Superintendent of Schools