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Student Spotlight: Fifth Grade Crystal Project

5th Grade Crystal Ornaments


Hannah Franklin:

Start:     Today, I started my borax solution for Science.  First, I marked my jar with tape and shaped my chenille wire into a lightning bolt.  Then, I tied my ornament to a pencil with twine.  Once that was all set, I went over to the counter an got a scoop of borax and some water.  I stirred until it was clear, got more scoops, and kept mixing.  Once borax piled up at the bottom (saturated).  I put my ornament in.  As the solution cools, the borax should stick to my ornament, looking like crystals.  (We also drew diagrams, and labeled them). 

After we took out our ornaments:     Although my ornament did not turn out as I thought it would, it was even better.  Now, my ornament has medium-sized crystals grown on it, and it is much wider.  The rectangular borax crystals are white and glittery, like snow!  I think they look like this because borax is white, and the larger crystals make it look glittery.   In Arabian, borax means "to glitter".  If I were to do this again, I would mark 6 inches with a marker on my piece of twine to be more precise.  (Diagram with labels)


Mary Elizabeth Young;

Start:     Today, (12/13/17) first we made shapes out of chenille wires.  Then we took our container and made sure that it fit. We took the chenille wire out and added hot water and borax, that was our solution.  After we were done mixing, I took my chenille wire and tied a string to it and on the other side of the string was a pencil.  I added the chenille wire to the borax solution and now I am going to let it sit.  I think that I did well and I think it was really fun! When the borax solution cools, I think there will be a saturated borax solution. (Drew a diagram, and labeled.)

After we took out our ornaments:      My crystals look like our salt solution we did in Science.  They are a foggy clear color and are pushed together.  They are very sparkly and are shaped like little squares and rectangles.  I think when the borax dissolved in the water, the borax started to settle on the chenille wires and then got stuck.


Chloee Henshaw:

Start:     Today we did an experiment by making ornaments with chenille wires, boiling water, and borax solution.  We mixed boiling water and borax together, then put our chenille wires in it and we are going to wait a couple of days.  Then when we come back the borax should be on the ornament and then it will be an ornament with crystals on it.  (Did a drawing and labels.)

After we took out our ornaments:  I think my crystals turned out really good.  The only thing is, I thought my crystals would be a little bigger than they are, but I also think my ornament looks really good.  On the top of my ornament there are foggy white crystals which look like frost on a window.  If I were to do this again, I would like a little more crystals on mine, so I would add a little more borax, mix it in a little more and let it sit for about a week.  I think they look like they do now,  because of my solution.  Other kids have bigger crystals than mine, maybe because they mixed a little better and there is more borax.  (Another diagram)