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Time to review procedures for snow days & delays

Now that we've had the season's first snowflakes, it's a good time to review how Arkport Central School District handles weather-related closings and delays.

When school is closed or delayed because of weather or other emergencies, early morning announcements will be made over local broadcast stations, including TV stations YNN, WETM and WENY and radio stations WLEA/WCKR, WHHO/WKPQ and WHAM. In addition, Arkport will use its automated notification system to send recorded voice messages to families’ phones.

Here are more details about the different procedures employed for one- and two-hour delays and school closures:

One-hour delay procedures

  1. The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students;
  2. Principals will contact any necessary personnel for supervision;
  3. All faculty and staff are expected to report to school as close to 8 a.m. as possible.
  4. Cereal, juice and milk will be the only items provided for breakfast in the cafeteria;
  5. Any Regents exams that might be scheduled will take place at their scheduled times;
  6. Students will be transported to morning BOCES; and
  7. School begins at 9:05 a.m.

Two-hour delay procedures:

  • Steps 1-5 above.
  • There will be NO BOCES bus run. Full-day and afternoon students will be transported during the afternoon run; and
  • School begins at 10:05 a.m. 
School-closing procedures:
  • The automated notification system will be used to notify all staff and students; and
  • All after-school activities are automatically canceled.