Wildwood Education Center's
National Technical Honor Society Chapter's New Inductees

Group of Students Posing for Picture

Congratulations go to Arkport's 10 National Technical Honor Society's newest inductees!
Back Row: Noah Hoyt, Cole Saxton, Cameron Ellington, Ashton Swarts, Nathaniel Warczok
First Row: Jordan Wood, Michael Adler, Jessica Hedges, Brooke Geibel, Sydney Sarvis

Student of the Month

April & May

The school year is winding down, is that even possible! Throughout this year we have been able to recognize the Blue Jay spirit that fills our halls here at Arkport. Our Junior High is a dedicated group that continues to express outstanding character traits. It is our pleasure to announce our Students of the Month for both April and May. Congratulations to Naomi Haraty, Ethan Merry, Ki Steiner, and Julia Payne for continuously showing outstanding character, especially at this time of the year.

Online Test Preparation Link for Students

Click Here--> Testing & Education Reference Center

Students who are registered at Arkport Central School are being provided access to standardized testing preparation at the site above. The site requires a password which as already been provided for ACS students. If you have forgotten your password, please contact Student Services at 607-295-7471 x2201 or email Mr. Talbot (BTalbot@arkportcsd.org).

Student Goals

If you want to gain success, you must realize it isn't just handed to you - you have to work for it. To become successful, you must set goals. Whether you are a student in elementary school or a senior in high school, it takes dedication, determination, a positive attitude, and discipline to become successful.

Successful students are not just goal setters, but goal getters. Setting goals in school gives you a reason for learning. Achieving those goals gives you the confidence to go beyond and fulfill your potential. Start setting goals today for your future tomorrow.

We encourage you to look through this website and check back often as we will be adding more helpful resources and information for you to use this school year. If you don't find what you are looking for, let us know so we can place it in the website.

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