Social Emotional Learning

Students experience many worries throughout each developmental phase, for example young students worry about leaving home and older students worry about fitting in and making friends. One of our roles is to help students understand and manage those worries while they are in our school building by listening, reassuring using factual information, and reinforcing our safety protocols.

One of the most powerful forms of instruction is modeling by adults, meaning if the school faculty and staff are comfortable with the new procedures (i.e. wearing masks, remaining socially distant, etc.) then our students will learn to feel comfortable at school as well. In addition, all students will benefit from an organized, consistent, and predictable classroom environment.

All PK-12 teachers will be using Schoology so families will have just one system for accessing learning materials, assignments, grades, and communications. Schoology will streamline the academic piece so that there is less stress at home surrounding student work. In order to address emotional health, students will be engaging in social emotional learning each week. Our PK-12 school counselor will continue to maintain an online bank of resources which can be accessed by parents or students at any time. In addition, parents should always feel free to contact their students' teachers or the student services team with questions regarding emotional health.