Survey and Communication

What feedback from the survey is the district going to incorporate into its reopening plan?
The major themes of the survey that will be incorporated in our reopening plans are: a focus on student mental health, keeping students’ routines as close to normal as possible, putting safety measures in place that will allow students to take masks off, and ensuring safety measures are in place in the event a member of our community does contract COVID-19.
Does the district plan on sending out another school community survey during the fall?
Yes, the district will be sending out another survey toward the end of September.
How will the district keep its families and staff up to date?
The best place to go to keep updated is the district's Reopening 2020 website. Information will also be available through the district's app, Facebook page, Schoology websites, and the SchoolMessenger system.
How can I update my contact information in SchoolMessenger?
Completing the mandatory yearly student registration in Family ID will provide the district with any contact information that may need to be updated.