Delivery of Instruction

Will there be a regular schedule, or will the schedule be rotating for groups of students?
The district decided to offer PK-6 grades in-person instruction daily, and 7-12 students an A/B - every other day in-person schedule.
PK-6 Schedule
7-12 Schedule
A/B Model
Is the district considering providing a full-day of school remotely?
No, the district will not be providing a fullday of school remotely as part of the reopening plan. If circumstances change, part or the whole school may move to remote learning during the school year.
How would the schedules work if school is 100 percent virtual?
If the district moves to 100 percent virtual, schedules will run synchronously. In other words, students would progress through their daily schedules as they would in school. Adjustments may have to be made to the frequency and duration of the virtual classes.
Will lesson plans and teaching materials be communicated in advance?
Yes, lesson plan and teaching materials for virtual classes will be made available in advance. Materials will be located on teacher Schoology pages.
How will schoolwork be evaluated by the teacher?
School work, whether in-person or virtually, will be evaluated in a traditional style.
Will the district be grading student work?
Yes, the district will be grading student work.
What supports will the district put into place to support students Zoom, especially students with disabilities who need to access services? 
Training will occur at the beginning of the year for all students on how to connect to virtual learning. Training will also be available for parents on how to support their students while home.
Will there be tutoring offered via remotely?
No, tutoring will not be offered remotely.
How will the teacher monitor whether students in virtual learning are focusing on what is being taught during a live session and not multitasking?
Student cameras will be required to be on, and students will need to participate in discussions either by talking or writing comments.
Do we know if all students can take advantage of online learning and do you have a plan on how to bridge any gaps?
Only student with a substantiated documented medical condition from a qualified medical provider will have access to online learning.

If the decision is made to go all virtual what is going to be done to assist high school seniors with counseling for college?

Seniors will have regularly scheduled appointments with the PK-12 School Counselor.
What about substitute teachers? Will they still be trained to teach online?
Yes, substitute teachers will be trained to teach online.
Can the district align its online learning via a single platform to help simplify things for both the kids and parents?
Yes, the district will be utilizing the LMS Schoology to align all classes in a single platform.
How will electives be handled?
Electives will run normally if we are in our opening plan for PK-6 and 7-12. If the district needs to move to online learning, electives will meet less frequently and expectations for work will be adjusted.
Will you offer an evening live class for children who cannot go online in the day?
No, evening online classes will not be offered if the district needs to move to an online model.
Will you be able to provide devices for low-income families for virtual learning?
Yes, all student in grades PK-12 will be provided with a device in the event the district must move to virtual learning.
Will teachers receive the technology they need to teach, such as microphones and assistance paying for high-speed internet?
Yes, teachers will receive assistance,in the event that the district must move to virtual learning.