Communication Positive Cases

The district will notify the state and local health department immediately upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual within school facilities or on school grounds, including students, faculty, staff and visitors of the district.

In the event of a confirmed case, the district will immediately contact those who are at risk of exposure by phone. The district will work closely with the Steuben County Department of Health to identify who is at risk for potential exposure. The district will participate fully in all contact tracing efforts so that they can contact and notify families and guide them through next steps, such as testing or quarantine. 

Please note, privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot identify anyone who has tested positive, however; at the end of each school day, the district will report the number of confirmed cases to the New York State Department of Health. This information will be publicly available on the New York State COVID Report Card dashboard.

The process for closing school and/or classrooms will be dependent upon many variables such as the nature and size of the outbreak, as well as the number of positive cases. In the event of a closure, all in-person classes, remote classes and BOCES programs will be cancelled. The Hornell YMCA before and after school program would also be closed.

If a school closure is warranted, the district will follow this progression:

  • On the first day of a closure, students will be encouraged to catch up on pre-assigned work at home. Remote sessions will not be required.

  • If the closure extends to a second day, teachers will contact every student and their families to outline their plans and expectations should they need to switch to a remote learning model.

  • If the closure extends past three or more days, students will switch to a remote learning model. Teachers will hold classes and work with students and their families to troubleshoot and make accommodations as needed.

If you have any questions about how the district plans to communicate a positive case of COVID-19, please contact Jesse Harper, Superintendent of Schools at or 607-295-7471 ext. 1121.