Information on this page includes current projects, and plans for future capital improvements at the Arkport Central School District.

2016 Capital Improvements Project

Recently completed, the 2016 Capital Improvements Project accomplished work throughout a large portion of the building and exterior site. The cafeteria and kitchen were completely re-imagined and modernized providing a direct connection between the two as well as the exterior and adjacent corridors. Corridors received all new, harmonious flooring that also translated into the classrooms for a seamless transition and commonality throughout. Numerous classrooms received new windows, flooring, paint, ceilings, lighting, and heating units throughout portions of the building with future plans to accomplish the remainder of the classrooms.

Cafe Picture

2019 Capital Improvements Project

Providing a safe and secure entry area to ensure student security is a priority of every school district. Moving all offices and administrative spaces to the front of the building helps accomplish a secure perimeter barrier from the student occupied space. Interconnecting the first and second floor with an internal stair case ensures that all visitors remain within the secured administrative area unless access is granted to the remainder of the building.

A new flexible classroom space to hold a modern, hands-on Home-Ec curriculum that also provides a cafe and lounge style space for students. The space is intended to be flexible to allow faculty shape the space to fit any lesson that is intended to be taught via it’s moveable furniture and open floor plan.

Modernizing the small gym and fitness center gives students broader physical education opportunities and a larger dedicated weight room for phys. ed. and athletics. The balance of the gym maintains ample space for wrestling and cheer practice as well.

Gym Picture

Capital Improvement Timeline

Click on the image below to view and interactive building project dashboard. Inside the dashboard, you will be able to see current and future project timelines and scope of work. 

Capital Improvement Timeline