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Exchange #4 - Culture and Climate: Safety

Exchange #3 - Culture and Climate: School Safety

Exchange #2 - Culture and Climate: School Environment

Exchange #1 - Student Success

  • As part of its strategic planning process, Arkport is now using an online platform called Thoughtexchange™ to encourage communitywide conversations on specific topics.

    Thoughtexchange™ is an online learning process that enables us to reach out to everyone affected by the decisions made in the school district. It gives us an opportunity to hear your thoughts and understand your priorities.

    We launched this effort, in part, to help community members process their feelings about last year’s merger vote defeat. Rather than do so in isolation, Thoughtexchange™ enables us to hold constructive, respectful communitywide conversations, with an eye toward understanding all perspectives as we assess needs, prioritize goals and plot a new path forward.

    The energy and enthusiasm that bubbled up in our community as we faced the prospect of major change – it was galvanizing and inspiring. Let’s keep the momentum going.

    As part of the ThoughtExchange™ experience, participants will:

    • Share: Answer open-ended questions about education in our schools.
    • Star: Review ideas from other stakeholders and rate the ideas you like best.
    • Discover: Learn what is important to the community as a whole.

    Thanks for your participation!


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    Exchange #4 - Culture and Climate: School Safety (CLOSED)

    Exchange #3 - Culture and Climate: Relationships (CLOSED)

    Exchange #2 - Culture and Climate: Environment (CLOSED)

    Exchange #1 - Student Success (CLOSED)


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