• Arkport Central School District 

    Board of Education

2017 Board of Education

2019-20 Board of Education

  • Listed from left to right

    Jennifer L. Swarts, Vice President

    Patrick N. Flaitz, President

    Tracie McCarthy

    Michelle Chamberlin

    Julianne W. Merry

About the District Board

  • The Board of Education consists of five members elected to serve five-year terms of office without pay.  Any voter of the district may be a candidate for the Board in the spring by filing a petition signed by at least 25 district voters with the Clerk of the Board.

    The Board holds business meeting on the second Wednesday of most months at 6:00 PM in the Board of Education room.  A work session is generally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Residens are urged to attend Board meetings.  The Board has legal responsibilty for the operation of the entire district.  The Board establishes the policies under which the school district will be operated, and the Superintendent of Schools is responsible for administering the school program within the context of these policies. 

    The Arkport Central School District School Board is committed to making our district one where all students receive a quality education.  Enhancing opportunities for schools and classrooms will be our first priority. As policy makers, this Board is responsible for providing a sound, basic, quality education for all students by promoting commitment and creative academic performance.

    The Board, as community leaders, shall provide open dialogue with mutual respect, working with the Superintendent and local government, securing sufficient resources and serving as advocates for the district. 

    We invite you to attend our meetings and we welcome your support and input. Thank you for your support of Arkport Central School District.

    What is a Board of Education?
    A school board member in New York State serves as a state official. The board's powers are derived from the state Constitution, laws of New York State, and rulings of the state Commissioner of Education.
    As elected representatives, board members ensure that the school remains responsive to the needs of district residents by serving as a link between school and community. The Board of Education establishes official policy and sets goals for the school district. All board decisions follow logically from these goals and objectives. Board decisions can be made only by the board acting as a whole in a public meeting. No individual member may bind the Board of Education to a particular course of action.

    Responsibilities of the Board
    As the official policy-making body of the school district, the Board of Education has many responsibilities, including...

    • Establishing policies for the operation of the school district.
    • Determining the district's educational goals and standards.
    • Authorizing the development or revision of curricula.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of programs and services.
    • Authorizing personnel actions, including the appointment of professional educators.
    • upon the superintendent's recommendation.
    • Cooperating with school and community stakeholders to develop a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources.
    • Representing the views of the community in educational matters.
    • Communicating educational programs and needs to the community.

    Board of Education Meeting Schedule
    Meetings are held in the Board of Education Room located on the first floor of the Arkport Central School.

    The Board of Education typically meets on the 2nd Wednesday each month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Work sessions are generally held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  Meeting dates and times for the school year are posted on the district calendar.

    The public agenda will be available Monday at noon before the Wednesday meetings.

    **It is recommended that you subscribe to the district calendar to receive automatic notifications of any meeting changes.

    Etiquette — Rules of Public Address While Attending a BOE Meeting 
    The Board of Education is a body of school district residents, elected by the community and charged with conducting school-related business. The meetings are conducted under Open Meeting Law, but are not open forums for the community. 

    On the meeting agenda, there is a time during which the public may address the Board regarding agenda items or other comments or questions. This time is usually shortly after the opening of the meeting. 

    All comments shall be directed to the President of the Board. If a question is asked, the President shall either respond directly or redirect the question to another member of the Board, to the Superintendent, or to a member of the administrative staff. Spontaneous discussions between a presenter and the audience are not permitted.