Winter sports questions, answered during livestream
During a live stream discussion on Feb. 4 the Arkport-Canasagera Athletic Department discussed the latest news on the 2020-21 athletics season.  View a recording of the livestream here, or read below for highlights from the meeting: 
  • Sports seasons are overlapping. Please take note of the following dates: 
    • Feb. 1: High-risk winter regular season begins  
    • March 1: Fall 2 sports season begins (this includes all levels of cheerleading and girls’ volleyball) 
    • March 6: High-risk winter sports season ends  
    • March 13: Cut off date for high-risk winter sports sectional events   
    • April 19: Spring sports season begins (end date is to be determined) 
    • April 24: Fall 2 regular season ends 
    • May 1: Cut off date for fall 2 sectional events   
  • Spectators are prohibited. We hope that any contest that takes place at Arkport or Canasagera Central School Districts will be shared via livestream, barring any scheduling/or technical difficulties. Contests will be commentated.  
  • It is our understanding that several Steuben County districts plan on streaming contests on their grounds. We encourage you to make an RSchool account if you have not done so already. Livestream links will be posted to the district’s website. We anticipate that sectional events will be livestreamed in some capacity, but there may be a fee.  
  • All game schedules and shuttle details can be found in RSchool. Game schedules may change; we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we try to have a successful season.  
  • We will hold senior nights as soon as we can.  
  • At this time, we believe that Section V will hold “closed’ sectional events for basketball, which limits the number of participants to the top eight teams.  
  • At this time, Section V is planning on holding a sectional event for wrestling. It is not determined how this event will take place.  
  • The Allegany County Boys’ Volleyball team will have a playoff at the end of the regular season, however, the format of this event is to be determined. 
  • Athletes must wear masks at all time during all contests in Steuben County. It is important to notes that masks are not mandatory in all counties. Some counties outside of Steuben County do not enforce a mask policy.  
  • Locker rooms at all locations will be closed. Athletes must be dressed in their uniforms before they enter the school or bus, for home/away games, respectively.