• 7-8 Grade Course Listing

  • English 7
    Students will work to improve as readers, writers, listeners and speakers. This is achieved
    through the students' participation in the writing process to create paragraphs, essays, short stories and
    poems. Various genres of literature are explored through reading, writing and discussion; we read
    myths, folktales, short stories, poetry, and novels. Students work daily on such skills as increasing
    vocabulary, editing writing, recognizing and using literary techniques, and using standard English
    grammar in speech and writing.

    Social Studies 7
    Seventh grade Social Studies introduces students to the study of US History. The five (5) Main
    topics covered will be Native American Civilizations, The American Revolution, The US Constitution,
    Jacksonion Democracy, and Manifest Destiny. Students will be required to do reports on Native
    Americans and Famous Americans from history.

    Math 7
    This course will prepare students for algebra and geometry at the high school level. Students
    will be introduced to integers, variable expressions, coordinate graphing, and geometry. In addition to
    weekly quizzes, students will be required to keep a daily notebook and complete several extended

    Science 7
    Science 7 is designed to give students in 7th grade a hands-on learning experience in the life
    sciences. Students will learn about the structures and functions of living organisms and how they
    interact with their environment. This course will stimulate student's interest in the living world around
    them, as well as help prepare them for the Science 8 NYS Assessment the following year.

    Technology 7
    This is 1/2 year required course offered to seventh graders. This course covers five constants.
    They are: Systems of Technology, Mathematics Concepts, Science Concepts, Safety and Health, and
    the Development of Psychomotor Skills. The course is offered either every day for twenty weeks or
    every other day for a full year. A 1/2 unit is earned after successful completion of this course.

    Home & Career Skills 7
    Home & Career Skills is offered at Arkport Central School for 20 weeks in the 7th grade. This is
    a very practical and hands-on course, focusing on the students themselves, their families, and the
    community in which they live. The following topics are a part of the program: taking a look at one’s
    self, managing one’s life, study skills, family relationships, leadership, community, career, shopping,
    budgeting, nutrition, basic kitchen skills, and basic food preparation. Special activities include creating
    personal shadowboxes, performing five (5) hours of community service, presenting a family project of
    choice, either an interview, biography, or family tree, writing a research paper on a career, and the
    opportunity to execute several cooking projects which culminate with a recipe book designed by the
    class. A notebook with table of contents is required that must stay up-to-date and complete. There are
    chapter tests along with a final exam. Interactive learning and group projects keep the students
    interested and the level of learning high.

    English 8
    Eighth grade is a skill-building year. Emphasis is upon writing, public speaking, and reading
    comprehension. Students are also required to keep a journal. At the end of the year students will be
    required to take the New York State 8th Grade Writing Test (ELA-8).
    Social Studies 8
    This class is a chronological study of the United States from 1850 to the present.
    Major topics include:
    1. Sectionalism and the Civil War
    2. The Big Business Era
    3. The Progressive Era
    4. American Foreign Policy
    5. The Great Depression and the New Deal
    6. World War II
    7. The Cold War Era
    8. 1990's and current events

    Math 8
    This course is designed as a prerequisite to Integrated Algebra for students in the eighth grade.
    The curriculum encompasses Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry at an introductory level.
    Integrated Algebra-8
    This course is designed for 8th graders who are part of our accelerated program. This course has
    the same standards as the Integrated Algebra course.

    Spanish 8
    This is a topic-based course, which employs basic vocabulary to build a foundation for future
    study and communication. Students will be introduced to Hispanic culture. This course will require the
    student to complete the textbook Spanish is Fun. There will be periodic quizzes, a mid-term and final
    exam. This is a prerequisite for Spanish I.

    Physical Science 8
    Physical Science is the study of matter and energy. The approach of this course emphasizes
    everyday applications of physical laws. Upon completion of this course a student should be prepared for
    Regents Level Science. Units of study include:
    Physical Science Basics
    1. Energy and Motion
    2. The Nature of Matter
    3. Kinds of Substances
    4. Interactions of Matter
    5. Waves, Light and Sound
    6. Electricity and Energy Resources

    Technology 8
    This course is a 1/2 year course offered to all eighth graders. This course offers five constants.
    They are: Awareness of Human Elements of Technology, Societal Implications, Communications
    Skills, Career Related Information, Creative Problem Solving, and Transfer of Learning. The course is
    offered all year with attendance every other day. 1/2 unit will be awarded for successful completion of
    Technology 8.


    Jr. High Chorus
    Students enjoy singing through active participation in this choral program. Chorus will acquaint
    you with a wide variety of music. Major concerts are given in December and May. Many opportunities
    for solo work and accompanying are available throughout the year.

    Jr. High Band
    The Band rehearses three days a week and evenings during the 4th quarter. Its members are
    exposed to a wide range of literature. Each member receives a group or individual lesson per week.
    The Band performs in the fall, Christmas, and Spring Concerts, and finishes off the year with marching
    in pageants and parades.