• Counseling & Guidance

  • Provide the department's mission statement and/or philosophy.Describe how this department achieves its goals and completes its initiatives.

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    Provide a welcome message and give an overview of the functions the department offers as well as the services it provides.

    Explain the role of counseling and how it impacts a student's development.


  • Detail the various services offered and give an explanation of those services. Provide a listing of school and personal issues which receive priority attention from responsive services.  Identify common scenarios and resolutions or provide case stories.

    Give an overview of the importance of individual planning,  having a support system, and group counseling.

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  • Community Partners

    Provide a list of community entities the district partners with and link to their websites.  If applicable, include appropriate contact information. Such  partners could include:

    • Local Mental Health provider(s)
    • School-based Health Center(s)
    • Family and Community Resource Centers