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    The Arkport Board of Education has approved a new method for calculating class rank, which will go into effect immediately (Fall 2015) for grades 9-11.  Our old method of class rank was based only on certain classes and some of those classes could be used more than once.  Our new method involves a weighted average based on the type of course a student takes.  This average will incorporate all of a studentís course work and encourages students to challenge themselves with their course selections.

    Our new ranking will have four different levels:
    A)    Local Course- No Weight
    B)   Vocational Course- 5% Weight
    C)   Regents Level Course- 10% Weight
    D)   College Level Course- 15% Weight

    By weighting the more difficult courses students will be rewarded for challenging themselves with a harder course selection.  This is what colleges want to see.

    Every 10-weeks we will recalculate every student's class rank and rank average, but only the rank and average following a semester (20-weeks or 40-weeks) will be displayed on a transcript as the official ranking.  Ranking will also stop at the end of Seven Semesters to determine the official Valedictorian and Salutatorian for each individual class.  Our Parent and Student Portals are now displaying our new rank calculation.  Click on Class Rank Average Q2, or Class Rank Average Q3.  If you are not currently signed-up for our Parent Portal please email me and I will get you enrolled.