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    Student Responsibilities and Classroom Procedures & Expectations

    1. You will be in this room for just over 100 hours over the course of the school year. Use the restroom/sharpen pencils before instruction begins or after instruction ends. Only in the case of an emergency will you be excused during class to use the rest room.
    2. Be prompt, prepared, attentive, and productive. You should be seated and ready when the bell rings.
    3. Use proper classroom language, voice, and actions. Sit with a posture of respect and raise your hand.
    4. Show respect to all people by treating each other fairly, kindly, and considerately.
    5. Value the property and belongings of other students, the teacher, and the school.
    6. Be present and involved! Excessive absences will have a negative impact on your grade.
    7. Follow all rules within the student handbook- they apply within the classroom, as do the consequences.
    8. Ask permission before leaving the room for any reason. You must always sign out on the clipboard.
    9. Cell phone/electronic device use is strictly prohibited in class. This includes Smart Watches. Students caught using any electronic device will have that item taken until the end of the day. Those who violate this policy a second time will be assigned detention. This does not apply to tools utilized in class under my instruction/discretion.
    10. If you are absent it is your responsibility to ask your teacher about any missing assignments before class, after class or during her available planning time. There are designated folders located in the classroom with updated with daily work.



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